Daniel Seurer Photography
Daniel Seurer Photography
Wisconsin Silos and Barns Gallery
Wisconsin Silos and Barns Gallery
When one thinks for rural Wisconsin, pastoral images for dairy farms and cows comes easily to mind.  Unfortunately,
the classical red wooden barns and the many types of outbuildings on a Wisconsin farm seem to be rapidly
disappearing.  Silos, are amongst them, especially old wooden silos.  It is not unusual to drive along the rural roads
of Wisconsin and see concrete silos as the only remaining feature on a dairy farm.  Wooden silos, once fairly
commons are rapidly disappearing.  This gallery displays some pictures of these old wooden silos I have discovered
on my quest, as well as other unusual silos made of brick and fieldstone.
Aztalan, Wisconsin 2008. "Wisconsin" style
wood silo.  Unusual in that boards are
placed horizontally rather than vertical as is
typical of wood stave silos.
Johnson Creek, Wisconsin 2008.  Well
preserved and maintained wood stave silo.

Johnson Creek, Wisconsin 2008.
Lake Mills, Wisconsin 2008.  Unusual brick
silo. Township officials have been in
discussions with land owner about tearing
this silo down.  
Lake Mills, Wisconsin 2008.  Fairly well
preserved wood stave silo.  What makes this
silo remarkable is the fact that the original
roof is relatively intact.  Compare with the
metal roof on the Johnson Creek silos.