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Wisconsin's Vanishing

This is a compilation of
my latest photography
project documenting old
and unusual silos in
Wisconsin.  The focus is
on wood and stone silos,
and the variety of shapes
and sizes that were
typical of the early history
of these unique and
rapidly disappearing part
of Wisconsin's dairy
farming history.


Shovel Testing at
Aztalan State Park.  

UW-Milwaukee just
completed shovel testing
around the perimeter of
the stockade.  These
pictures are of the
archeologists performing
the work on Saturday Nov
1, 2008.

Silos and Barns.
I have just added
photographs from a new
project documenting old
and usual wood or brick
silos that are rapidly
disappearing from the
Wisconsin landscape.

Added gallery of
photographs from the
North American Short
Track 2008
Championships, Pettit
National Ice Center,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  
This is basically the same
slide show presented at
the Saturday night
awards banquet.

I have just added content
to my
Gallery.  This is a flash
slide show of U.S. and
World Cup speedskater
in both Short Track and
Long Track events. This
gallery is not so much
about on-ice skating as it
is about the emotions
and concentration on the
faces of these elite
Welcome to the web site of Daniel Seurer Photography.    Dan is an photographer
living in Wisconsin who specializes in photography of archeological and  historical
sites in Wisconsin and the surrounding area.  Dan also specializes in Figure
Skating and Speed Skating photography.